Ryan Evans - Case Study


Copatient assists patients with unpaid medical bills by connecting them with expert advocates and helping them negotiate solutions to save money. I engaged with Copatient in two capacities. First, to help streamline and strengthen onboarding and application flow for their customers. And second, to design a new portal for their healthcare advocates and operations staff.

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CHALLENGES & discovery

  • Ran discovery exercises to identify key challenges including customer anxiety, overwhelming amounts of information, mobile usage, and technical challenges in uploading medical records.
  • Conducted heuristic evaluation of comparative products.
  • Ran ideation workshop with stakeholders including product review and group sketching.
  • Built and iterated a low-fidelity prototype of the application that was refined in subsequent testing.


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consumer product

  • Using the previously built prototype, tested improved application flow with Copatient customers using task-based remote usability testing.
  • Identified several improvements including highlighting bill status, refining calls-to-action, and communicating tricky issues around payment at the end of the negotiation process.
  • Worked with product manager to prioritize improvements according to business need and ease of technical implementation.
  • Worked with dedicated design team to create the visual design for the product, following Copatient's established branding and style guidelines.
  • Built a second-high fidelity prototype and ran a second round of usability testing that identified optimizations to key authorization steps and presentation of bill calculations.

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Subsequently, I was tasked with developing a new operations portal to serve Copatient's healthcare advocates and operations staff. The portal serves as a dashboard to track the progress of hundreds of medical bills through the weeks-long negotiations process, facilitate workflow, and bring forward KPIs for managers.

  • Ran story mapping exercises with Copatient stakeholders to detail success factors, tasks, and subtasks for Operations Staff, Advocates, Managers, and Partner Representatives.
  • Synthesized tasks and subtasks into a set of pageflows
  • Developed a high-fidelity protoype simulating key tasks like bill review, data entry, workflow, task assignment, internal communications, and, for managers, reporting on staff workload.

The new administrative portal was tested with Copatient staff and made a huge positive impact in terms of streamlined operations, staff efficiency, and management reporting.